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Blog on Tree3

When you start using Tree3 platform to create content an address on stellar blockchain, it automatically starts becoming a decentralized blog. You can share the URL with anyone so that they can view your decentralized blog which is always available on Stellar and T3 nodes. Even if the Tree3 URL is not available, you can use any other Tree3 Community to get your blog URL and share it with anyone.

Using Tree3, your address becomes a powerful way to share content without you going through any hassles for setting up website. And the best part is that you pay a very tiny amount of fees to post that content once.

An example blog :- A blog for address GDVYWH7RHCVOGNTMP2UOSVQ2Y74CXK25I7V7NKOTXEDPNWV2OFEJ4Y6R

Tree3 Blog

Tree3 Alpha 0.1.x is testnet and hence the blog is available on testnet